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Welcome to Play Sports, where we introduce sport in a fun and non-intimidating way.

We pride ourselves in offering small classes and an encouraging environment to create a positive first sport experience.

We keep our students active during the entire 30-minute lesson; they only sit down to listen for instruction.

Our structured curriculum is age-specific and progressive. 

Each lesson includes 3 sports, 2 motor skills games, and one life skill.

Our lesson plan includes ::

  1. running/agility game
  2. fine motor skills game
  3. hand/foot - eye coordination game
  4. sport skill sequence
  5. life skill lesson
  6. dodging or game of tag

We have an open door policy and lesson plans are sent every Sunday.



about coach andrea

Owner, Coach Andrea, has worked with youth since 2000. She spent her college years studying Early Education and Sport Management with a minor in Business.
After receiving her degree from The University of Texas at Austin, she worked for a Division 1 collegiate team, Fox Sports, NBA, and WNBA.
She is a certified personal trainer, kickboxing instructor, and the owner of EMPOWERED FITNESS LLC. 
A member of a family of educators, her creativity comes from her mother who is a retired bilingual kindergarten teacher. Her athleticism derives from her father who is a retired athletic director.

Leading with discipline and structure, her approach will ensure success in an empowering environment.