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Starting at 18 months, we coach the fundamentals of sports and motor skills.

Our welcoming space gives children the power to explore sports.


our mission

Using a low student to coach ratio, we empower students to grow and explore 9 different sports during the early stages of childhood development.

Focused on gross and fine motor skills at this age, we incorporate body weight exercises to enhance muscle tone and memory.

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about us

Children benefit both from self-initiated play and from teacher-planned activities. We maintain a routine but embrace opportunities for imaginative play.

Coaches are present and providing encouragement instead of praise. We build confidence to challenge the capabilities of the students.

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sports played

Starting at 18 months, we introduce the fundamentals of baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, soccer, tennis, track and field, and volleyball. We teach sports congruently throughout the year when professional leagues are in season.



motor skills being incorporated

We start classes with agility drills then transition into hand/foot-eye coordination games before our sport lesson. We develop muscle tone and improve muscle memory during these imperative years of childhood.



life skills taught

Our coaches tend to be "inner voices" to young minds. Play Sports might expose children to sports for the first time, so we create the foundation for good sportsmanship and team etiquette along with establishing life skills.


our programs

Our philosophy capitalizes on the success of repetition and sequences. Since language learning works similarly, our popular sports program naturally lead to the demand for a Spanish program.

Using unique teaching strategies, we promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development in both programs. Your children will love our progressive curriculums and
multi-sensory learning experiences!


Play is important for developing the whole child. Within our team atmosphere, we shape children's experiences and approaches to learning. 


Children seek to learn about everything around them in early childhood. Using interactive teaching methods, students stay mentally active while exploring new concepts.


We admire your direction and interpretation of sports so that children may learn and have fun! Keep up the phenomenal program and encouragement you give each child.

-L. Rios-Escareño

“Play Sports has really helped my daughter with her balance, coordination, and her social skills.” 

-S. Raghunanan


“The coach works specifically with my son and always gives us feedback on how he is doing.  

I know that Play Sports is helping to prepare him for Kindergarten and future sports!”

-J. Oliver

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Join our sports or Spanish program if currently enrolled in one of our schools.


Discover more about the cost, planning, and hosting a sport-themed Play Sports party.


Ask us to reach out to your school to start our sports or Spanish program on site.