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academic school year

We have a fall semester, spring semester, and summer season.

We follow the school district's academic calendar, observe their holidays, and take 1-2 weeks off in between semesters to prep for the upcoming one.

Upon enrolling, families are placed on our email list to receive our weekly lesson plans. All communication comes directly from the owner. 

Students receive a youth shirt and are welcomed to wear it on Play Sports class days.

Every December and May, we provide "report cards" of our skill sequences and terminology, a printed photo, and a Play Sports shirt or water bottle.

We have an open door policy and visitors are always welcomed.


summer season

During the summer, we condense our lesson plans to focus on one sport per week.

Week 1 :: Anniversary of Play Sports

Week 2 :: Baseball

Week 3 :: Basketball

Week 4 :: Football

Week 5 :: Golf

Week 6 :: Hockey

Week 7 :: Obstacle Courses

Week 8 :: Soccer

Week 9 :: Tennis

Week 10 :: Track and Field

Week 11 :: Volleyball

Week 12 :: Water Fun